Bicycle Gears

Bicycle Gears

Bicycle Gears - they help your bicycle wheels go around. Theres so much to this topic we could write a book !

From one gear fixie setups to around thirty gears and everything inbetween the potential range of variations is endless these days.

However many gears you have looking after them and using them well will extend the life of the kit that you have.

In our repair business we see the whole range thats out there and the various conditions they get into.

The best two regular jobs you can do yourself  with your bicycle drive-chain is to regularly degrease it and to keep the whole system lightly lubricated.

These two things will help keep you spinning trouble-free for longer.

Chains do snap and dry out - sometimes you can rescue them with a spare chainlink - a split link connector. 

At other times though if that has happened you may need some new gearing parts as well.

Tullio Campagnolo invented the modern day derailleur introducing the 'Gran Sport' twin-cable, parallelogram rear derailleur at the Milan trade show in 1949 and revolutionised cycle gearing in the process. 

Even though other gear systems do exist the vast majority of bicycles to this day make use a of a derailleur or a combination of a front derailleur and rear derailleur to change gears.

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May 10, 2024 Jonny

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