About Us is a online cycle spare parts and accessories store - we launched in Autumn 2022 selling well proven cycle parts and accessories from quality brands that we personally believe in.

From our lifetime of experience as cycling enthusiasts  and as an established mobile cycle service business  (Boing Bicycles - since 2013)- we've come to know the products that really work, keep working and which are solidly made.


The idea behind is to take all of that knowledge picked up on the road over nearly 10 years now and stock and sell really useful long lasting cycle parts that we know from experience really work and that last a long time regardless of the price point. Simple really.

As a small business someone real will always call you back - we're always really happy to chat about bicycle technology and kit with anyone and make suggestions if we can help you.

So call us on the phone (number top of homepage) or contact us on chat or on the socials - and we'll be happy to help.

Ebay Store (boing-biking) - We've also had a presence on eBay for a number of years now and we're rated as an eBay Top Seller - we really do care about our customers experience buying from us.


You can read up all of our store reviews at

Thanks for visiting our store we hope you become a returning customer.


Jonny Thorpe

Owner - Manager &


FAQ's about is an online parts and accessories shop we also run a mobile repair business and the knowledge we've picked up doing this is something we input into our product choices. This means we only sell products that we really believe in ourselves We only stock quality brands that have proven their worth to us time and time again..

Our product selection criteria across all pricepoints is always the same, the product must do what its supposed to do and simply not break in normal use.

No is an online cycle parts and accessories store theres no physical shop. We do have great relationships with various suppliers that we've built up and developed over the last 10 years in our sister repair business