BMX Stuff

BMX Stuff

BMX  (means Bicycle Motocross - in case you ever wondered !)

BMX came to the UK in 1980 although it had been around from the 1970s in USA.

The sport started off in the underground - became hugely mainstream before going underground again - before re-emerging with a whole new generation inspired by the XGames etc. BMX is here to stay for sure.

Raleigh in the UK brought out their own affordable range of machines including the Raleigh Burner which many a (big) kid of a certain age will remember.

Tougher purpose built machines came from the dedicated US Brands - Haro Bikes the namesake of one and only Bob Haro,  GT Bikes from the legendary Gary Turner -  who went on to have a hugely successful MTB and Cycle Brand  from the late 80s onwards and Diamond Back (another pioneer of the time) are just a small rollcall of names of the bikes from that scene - they all stil exist today.

BMX technology trickled over to MTB - where U- Brakes appeared on very early MTBs - DIa Compe Incorporated (before they became CaneCreek) made BMX brakes and then later MTB Brake Levers and calipers for example in the early days.

BMX wheels are dominantly 20inch and they need tyres and tubes and brakes(sometimes!) as well - we supply a range of BMX parts for all budgets grips tubes and tyres, chains and more.